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AVEN is hosted on a dedicated server by a company called Bocacom. It consists of a hodgepodge of open source software installed and occasionally modified by AVENguy. There is currently no formal Tech Team for AVEN, most of the work for maintaining the site falls on AVENguy and whatever tech-savvy members happen to be around on IM. Site content is managed by AVEN members on the Admod and Project Teams, and the site consists primarily of user-generated content.

List of Software

What We're Doing

Front Page

The AVEN front page contains static content as well as displaying the Post of the Week in a column on the right. Asexual Perspectives and some FAQs relating to asexuality are accessible from the main page, along with links to blogs and other media.


AVENwiki is maintained by the Wikimaster, under the auspices of the AVEN Project Team.


Content on the forums is posted by the general membership and managed by the Admod Team.

Tech Team

Coleslaw is the Tech Admin on AVEN's forums. Tech concerns can be addressed in this thread.

It would be hugely beneficial to put together a Tech Team to troubleshoot technical issues on AVEN and to implement software upgrades.