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There are a total 6 forum categories (Welcome, Asexuality, Visibility & Education, Community, Discussion and Site), within these categories are 28 forums that are accessible by members of AVEN, 3 of these are inaccessible without a registered account, 1 is occasionally hidden to the public when necessary, 1 cannot be accessed unless requested. Alongside these, we have 9 subforums (discounting external links). There are a significant number of private, hidden and removed forums that are not included in that count.

(P) Publicly accessible, no account required to view or read
(AcP) Publicly accessible with registered account, no restriction
(PR) Publicly accessible, once a post limit is reached (conventionally 25)
(NP) Posts will not contribute to post count
(R/O) "Read Only"
(OH) Occasionally hidden
(RR) Access (usually) granted upon request
(X) Entirely hidden or removed

Current Forums

There are a considerable number of hidden forums, which are only accessible by the Admod team. For privacy purposes, these are currently not indexed on this list.


  • Mod Elections (PR) (OH) - This forum is occasionally hidden, though this practice has become somewhat irregular lately. The forum's management are occasionally elected by the members of AVEN when necessary, these elections are held within the Mod Elections forum. Members cannot start thread here, this forums becomes Read Only when not in use.
  • Site Info Center (R/O) - This forum serves as an information resource. Information relevant to AVEN as a whole is stored within this forum.
  • Announcements (P) - For general announcements, relevant to the forums and wider community.
  • Welcome Lounge (P) - Intended for newly registered users, members are welcome to introduce themselves to the community in this forum.


  • Asexual Q&A (P) - Questions relating to asexuality in general are usually asked here, one of the many common favorite being "Am I asexual?".
  • Asexual Relationships (P) - Relationships are a common occurrence within the asexual community, here we have a forum dedicated to discussing these and related subject.
  • The Gray Area (P) - Gray asexuals comprise a significant population within the asexual community, this forum is intended for Gray-A related discussion.

Visibility and Education

  • World Watch (P) - Asexuality makes a occasional appearance in the media, we usually discuss these various appearances in our World Watch forum.
    • World Watch Archive (R/O) - World Watch is pretty darn old, there are many relevant and important threads within this forum. This archive attempts to categorize these by year.
  • Census Forum (P) - Censuses are a vital factor in visibility, they give us our stats. The census forum is open to any member, it's not restricted to official censuses, though polls intended for humor should be placed in JFF.
    • Census Archive (R/O) - This essentially serves the exact same purpose as the World Watch Archive, seen above.


  • Meetup Mart (AcP) - Meetups are yet another vital factor in our community, the Meetup Mart provides a space for organizing such meetups, everything from small-scale informals to large affairs. It should be noted that this forum is NOT intended for dating personals (see Personals Forum). AVEN serves the international community, particularly the Anglosphere, thus we have the following subforums:
  • Just for Fun (P) - AVEN ain't all-serious, we have our very own forum dedicated to crazy games and quirky humor.
    • AVEN Arcade (NP) - Spam, spam, spam! Intended for those one-word response kind of threads.
  • Celebration Time! (P) - Got something to celebrate? Fortunately, we have a forum for that too.
  • Tea and Sympathy (AcP) - Down periods are not uncommon, this forum exists to discuss or vent out our general frustrations.
  • Open Mic (P) - For sharing your creative side.
  • Community Links Forum (R/O) - AVEN may remain as the epicenter of the asexual community, but there are many similar spin-off forums too.

(Correct as of April 2013)

  • Alternate Languages Forum (P) - Asexuality isn't restricted to the Anglosphere, it exists throughout many different cultures in many different languages. Here, we have a forum for discussing asexuality in your native tongue.
    • Deutsch (German)
    • Polski (Polish)
    • Nederlands (Dutch)
    • Español (Spanish)
    • Français (French)
    • Italiano (Italian)
    • Suomi (Finnish)
    • Čeština (Czech)
    • Türkçe (Turkish)
    • русский (Russian)
    • Hebrew
    • 日本語 (Japanese)
    • 中文 (Mandarin, 1)
    • 中文 (Mandarin, 2)
    • Svenska (Swedish)
    • Norsk (Norwegian)
  • (h)AVEN (RR) - Tea and Sympathy exists for the milder issues in life, we all have those issues that we feel we can't share publicly, for that we have (h)AVEN. Naturally, to retain this privacy, access is not granted automatic, it must be requested.


  • Off-A (P) - AVEN is largely asexual-centric, but Off-A gives us space to discuss everything else.
  • Gender Discussion (P) - Gender identity is a common subject within the community, so of course we have a forum for discussing this too.
  • Philosophy, Politics and Science (P) - Feeling philosophical or political? Or taking an interest in science? Discuss it here. We usually use this forum to discuss some of the more specific recent news events. These can often end up warped by controversy...
  • Hot Box (AcP) - ... the Hot Box lives up to its name, here's where we keep the more heated, controversial debates.


  • Site Comments (P) - Issues with the software often crop up, we usually discuss these here.
    • Bug Tracker (P) - For filing reports, when a bug is found.
  • Mod Forum (P) (R/O) - Intended for declassifications of disciplinary and policy threads.

Hidden Forums

Various hidden forums exists, for a variety of reasons. While these are not "officially listed", they are often briefly mentioned.

Former forums

Forums there were either... [M]: Merged, [R]: Removed or [H]: Hidden.

  • The Library [M] - Merged with World Watch, October 2009. This forum focused on discussed asexual literature.
  • Personals [M] - Incredibly controversial forum, closed down due to legal fears and merged with the Meetup Mart shortly after its creation, circa October 2005.
  • AVEN Book [H] - A former admin's writing project, locked down in 2008 and later hidden in 2009 due to copyright issues.

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