DE$ease (english track)

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DE$ease (english track)

Message par manatan »

I'm afraid of...
I don't know what
something's locked in me
& i can't find the key to open it
to let myself breathe & live
Beein' myself is the hardest place to find
too much wrong ways in my life
which brings me the black clouds
that refrains me from seein' where to go.

I don't know how my phone rings
'cause nobody's ever callin'
I got death tatooed on my skin ;
I'm "insane in my brain"
so i wanna end like Kurt Cobain
I can't remember how 2 smile
But i still know how 2 cry
CompleXe is a seed growin' well in my garden
& happinness is something that's been forgotten
In the cold land of the dead trees
Where attachment is a Desease.